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Created in collaboration with the Dean of Arts and Science of a well know American Ivy League university and The Saudi International Film Academy (SIFA) – for the very first time – brings together top scholars from an American University and other Ivy League Institutions (Nobel prizes and acclaimed professors) the leaders of the Entertainment business (Oscar winner producers and broadcasters presidents) and celebrities. The aim of the Academy is to shape the Entertainment leaders of tomorrow, able to meet the needs of the International markets, craving for 360 degrees talents.


The study curriculum is shaped by the faculty of an American prestigious School of the Arts university, where the majority of successful filmmakers trained to succeed in their career

Ivy League in Saudi

Only the 5% of students who apply such university get accepted. Only few foreign students get accepted. The result is a massive gap, counting thousands of elite students, who could be driven to Saudi. Additionally, SIFA could represents an important opportunity for those Saudi elite students who want to pursue an Ivy League Education, without leaving their Country.

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