about FILAMA

about FILAMA

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Born with the intent to innovate, enrich and expand the versatile Saudi cultural heritage, FILAMA is a 360 degrees Entertainment Company and talent management, created in association with leading International filmmakers, celebrities and educators, leading with film, TV, event production and Ivy League education.

what is FILAMA

When a business created out of passion... pouring heart and soul into it, dreaming of the day where every production come to light. That business will be part of you. This is the case with film production and one of the founders... Lama.

A special place reserved for it in her heart, she decided to make two into one where Film and Lama unite... FILAMA was born.


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film production

Great work requires a good production, a good writer and a good director, all of whom, if they get together, you will have a magnificent production.


A global network of celebrities and performers, we have what it takes to connect you with them.


Business managers for international and local celebrities and performers. We manage your business for you to be creative.



Saudi Arabia

Lama Turki

Holds an MBA and studied Business Administration. She has an expansive career in the hospitality and service industries in Spain and Saudi Arabia, to which she is a founder, shareholder, and investor.

She has a depth of business acumen, which has driven her to start businesses and become major shareholders in others. born in London and of Saudi Arabian descent, she understands different cultures and values and utilizes her experience to create important connections and crucial business decisions.

Lama is multilingual and can speak Spanish, Italian, Arabic, and English fluently. She can also speak French and continuously drives herself to become the best at anything she does. Enjoys Showjumping and competes internationally for her country around the world and in Saudi Arabia, one of the selected members of the Elite Show Jumpers of Saudi Arabia.


What is FILAMA all about?

FILAMA is an entertainment company aiming to promote, support and empower the values we believe in, through the Media: Film, TV, Music, Theatre, Events and Education.

FILAMA is about building bridges.
FILAMA is about empowering female artists.
FILAMA is about bringing the world to Saudi and Saudi to the world.
FILAMA is us.


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